Our Vision

ExonPad Company by DP World pursues the never-ending goal to be the go-to solution(s) that any facet of logistics or trade can approach to solve for business challenges

Our Values

We fulfill your orders with values that are just as dear to us as your valuables: Independence, neutrality, discretion, and uncompromising reliability. In short:  integrity.

Gocargo Commitment

We are committed to be the leading the best solutions provider to our customer. Our business depends on our customers. We’re committed to offering them the best customer service in every country in which we operate.



Our Mission

With a strong belief in different individual and social values and concepts such as responsibility, transparency, honesty, proper business planning and hard work, we will be able to create a reliable and strong commercial company in the region.

Our Network

We go far beyond our own borders in your service. We maintain a worldwide network of agents and close cooperation with exclusive partners around the globe.