Exonpad Group By using the world’s latest technology and with the cooperation of prominent domestic experts, it is ready to provide consulting services and supply oil, gas and petrochemical equipment all over Iran.

The first and perhaps the most important part of the upstream process of oil and gas is carried out in drilling rigs and Valve gauge.

The equipment used in these platforms are very strategic and quality is the first word in this field.

Exonpad is ready to supply a large part of the equipment and spare parts required for drilling rigs and valve gauge with the best quality and from the brands accepted in the lists of authorized sources, MOP, POGC, IOOC and ICOFC in cooperation with its foreign partners. .


Some of our services include providing the following items:



Exonpad’s vision is to become the largest and most comprehensive platform for marketing and selling fuel, energy and oil, gas and petrochemical equipment and producing knowledge-based and quality products under the Energy brand, in order to meet the needs of the domestic market and export markets. And enter internationally.