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Exonpad Company is engaged in the import of PU (polyurethane raw materials) in order to supply the raw materials required by manufacturers in Iran.

We try to create added value for our customers through adequate investment, quality supply of goods, timely and healthy delivery, permanent manner and tries to establish long-term relationships with its suppliers and customers.   Application of polyurethane in the automotive industry

If you consider the total weight of a car with all its equipment, we can say that about 30% of the total car, including tires and plastics, is made of polymer or thermoplastics. As mentioned, 30% of a car’s components are polymers, and if we look closely at this statistic on a global scale, it turns out that thermoplastics are the most dynamic material in the industry after metals. Ordinary and engineering plastics such as polycarbonate, ABS, polyamide, polybutylene terephthalate, PVC, polyurethane, etc. are widely used in this industry. The second most widely used thermoplastic in any car is polyurethane and polyurethane thermoplastic, which is used from polyurethane in the production of car seat foams and car body insulation. Polyurethane thermoplastic is used in the preparation of coatings for luxury car decorative parts and consumer coatings in car upholstery, gearbox, steering box, which shows the excellent resistance and practicality of this product. Polyurethane thermoplastic is excellent resistance in As for oils, it has good chemicals and is used to produce dusters inside the car engine, which shows the durability and stability of this product, which has transformed the car industry. Another use of polymers in the automotive industry is the production of shock absorber parts in the car suspension system, both heavy and light. These shock absorbers are exposed to complex and multifaceted pressures, and on the other hand, sudden release of pressure in this system is very common, which is the only suitable option for this consumption, which has excellent fatigue resistance among all thermoplastics. Polyurethane is widely used. The excellent sound absorption of polyurethane as a shock absorber and dashboard ensures the safety of passengers and the driver.

Crude oil adsorbent based on coated polyurethane waste

Environmental pollution caused by oil and solvent spills in the past decades has had harmful effects on the ecosystem and has had a significant impact on human health. For this reason, ways to quickly and effectively remove organic and oil pollution from water are growing rapidly. Polyurethane as a natural material with certain characteristics such as foot density, high porosity, easy manufacturing and industrial production is a good option. Due to the high porosity of these materials, finding a way to improve the absorption capacity of PU floor without reducing its density is very important. Is. Researchers at the Egyptian University of Petrochemicals (EPRI) synthesized laurel methacrylate and hexadecane copolymers using radical polymerization methods and were able to achieve a crude oil adsorbent composition by coating on polyurethane foam wastes. Some magnetic nanoparticles are included in this composition.


Polyurethane to reduce earthquake damage

Wallpaper is often used for interior decoration of offices and houses. Wallpaper has always been used in the minds of all of us except for covering interior walls and for this reason it is presented in different designs and colors. With the advancement of science and technology, various applications of devices are updated. Italian scientists have succeeded in designing an earthquake-proof wallpaper that helps reduce human and financial losses. To produce this type of wallpaper, they first used carbon fiber, but due to its pollution and high cost, they replaced it with glass fiber. In fact, very thin and strong fibers of glass are woven together to produce a strong and elastic coating from which Used as wallpaper. Adhesive is one of the most important elements for installing wallpaper. Currently, polyurethane adhesive is used. After penetrating the wall and losing water by evaporation, this adhesive creates a very strong coating on the wall that transmits energy caused by earthquakes. It prevents the wall from falling in different directions In fact, the important role of this adhesive is in the distribution of energy in different directions, which plays a key role in preventing the wall from falling. 

Features of soft and semi-soft polyurethane foam

In the soft polyurethane model, due to the presence of holes in the foam and the fact that the foam is not fully compressed, it has a very high stretchability, for this reason, the soft foam can release air from between the grooves inside this foam. easy to pass

Among the main features of soft polyurethane foam, we can mention its sound insulation and heat resistance (it is kind of slow burning); This feature has caused this insulation to be used as sound insulation in industries.


141.b GAS supplier

What is 141 B gas?

CFCs and HCFCs are often used as cooling gases in the refrigeration industry. In the polyurethane foam industry, these compounds are also used as blowing agents to produce hard polyurethane foams. The most famous CFC gas used in polyurethane foam industry is R11 gas and the most widely used HCFC gas is 141b gas.

R141B gas (R141b refrigerant gas solvent) is used in cleaning systems and as a refrigerant under the names R-141b or HCFC-141b. 1,1-dichloro-1-fluoroethane is a Haloalkane with the formula C2H3Cl2F. This compound is one of the three Dichlorofluoroethane isomers. And it is a good substitute for R11 gas.

Refrigerant is a working liquid that is used in the refrigeration cycle of air conditioning systems and heat pumps. Refrigerants are highly regulated due to their toxicity, flammability and their contribution to ozone depletion and climate change.

With two decades of brilliant history, Exon pad Group has the ability to supply R141 with the best global brands. Therefore, to get more information about the price, purchase and sale of 141 gas and other questions, please contact our colleagues at Exon pad of Iran sales department.

Product Information

Features and properties

Below are some of the most important properties and characteristics of this gas:


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