There are more than 20 million cars on the streets of Iran, and providing parts for these cars can be a profitable and prosperous business. Some of these cars are imported and it is not possible to supply their parts from domestic factories. Importing car parts from Dubai is the main way of supplying parts for these foreign cars that have come to the country in recent years. The UAE is the most important source of supply of original and high-quality car parts for the domestic market. Usually, for Japanese, Korean and European cars, the import of car parts goes through the UAE.

In the past years, the price of car parts has increased, and the demand of the domestic markets for the import of parts and foreign cars has increased greatly. On the other hand, the import of stock parts has been considered due to the lower cost. Usually, these parts are bought from Dubai and Sharjah and come to the country. In the case of Japanese cars such as Toyota and Mazda, these products are more popular.

Conditions for importing spare parts from Dubai
Obtaining permission from the standard organization is one of the most important points that the importer of spare parts must pay attention to, and it is essential that these parts must be approved by the standard organization. The customs tariff for the import of passenger car spare parts is in row 8708, which accounts for the largest amount of goods imported.

The most important spare parts imported from Dubai
wheel bowl
shock absorber, springs
gear box
Chassis accessories
spark plug
Gearbox gear
Car radiator
Lifting glass rail
Brake pads and discs
Brake system parts
components as well as plus parts
Car steering wheel and accessories

The advantage of importing car parts from Dubai

Today, the import of car parts from Dubai and its transportation and clearance to Iran can bring a small cost to traders. Dubai is in the neighborhood of Iran, and merchants can import products to the country with speed in business and low cost, which has attracted the interest of many merchants.

What parts can be imported from Dubai?
The parts that you can buy and import in Dubai are divided into the following two categories:

Spare parts and stock car parts
Spare parts and new parts
Import of stock car parts
In general, we must say that stock car parts include spare parts for all types of light and heavy cars. These are actually the same new parts produced by the manufacturer; But they have been returned due to minor problems. These parts return to the sales cycle after diagnosing and fixing the defects. It can be said that the production quality of these parts is equal to new parts; But they have a relatively lower price.

Features of stock parts
Reasonable price of products
Replacement with fabric parts
How to import car stock parts from Dubai
There are many companies that are engaged in importing these goods in various countries and industrial cities such as Dubai. These companies can provide the initial conditions for the entry of stock car parts into the country by signing a contract and providing the product you need from the company of origin. On the other hand, most of these parts are produced by the original factory, and due to the reference to the factory, their technical problems have been solved well, and it provides the possibility of long-term use by the user.

Import of new parts
The products are produced by different brands and sold as seals. These products are then purchased from agents in Dubai and enter the customs of Iran and finally the goods are cleared. It is suggested that quality inspection be done for these parts. Usually, new parts have less faults and failures. Another important point is that the specification of the desired piece must be the same as the requested sample.

Clearance of car spare parts from customs
Car spare parts, like other goods, must enter Iran through the customs gate. The meaning of the clearance of car spare parts from customs is the process during which the owner of the parts or his legal representative succeeds in obtaining the permission to leave the parts from customs. In other words, when a shipment including car spare parts enters the customs; The owner of the cargo or his legal representative is required to go through specific formalities in order to finally get the cargo out of the customs. This is called clearance of car spare parts from customs.

One of the most important points you should know about the import and clearance of car spare parts from customs is that the import of these types of parts is subject to obtaining a license from the standards organization; This means that these parts must have standards approved by the standards organization; Otherwise, they will not be allowed to enter the country.

Necessary documents for the clearance of spare parts
bill of lading
Certificate of Origin
Endorsement of documents
Warehouse Receipt
Baling list
Certificate of inspection

After delivering the documents mentioned above to the customs, the person must prepare and register the declaration. You should be extremely careful in completing the information requested in the declaration; Because in the next steps, the customs appraiser will compare the information recorded in the declaration with the purchase documents, and if he finds a contradiction, he will prevent the clearance process of the car spare parts from the customs. In the next stage of clearance of spare parts from customs, the applicant’s file is referred to the technical department of customs. The expert of the technical department is obliged to verify the owner’s qualification and the authenticity of the documents.

According to the available documents, the expert of the technical department determines the owner of the cargo, then if this person does not have a legal prohibition to deal with commercial affairs and a legal prohibition to interfere with his property and owe customs; His qualification is confirmed; If the owner’s qualification is confirmed, the information entered in the declaration should be verified with the existing documents

and if no contradiction is observed; They assign a registration number to the shipment.

Importing auto spare parts from Dubai is one of the booming businesses. The UAE has many suppliers and the Iranian market has a high demand. Even in the stage of domestic car production, there is a need to import. If you intend to import from Dubai, whether for business or for personal use, you definitely need to find good and reliable suppliers. On the other hand, you may need help with transportation and clearance. Exonpad group has always been one of the first choices of auto parts importers along with having a Dubai office and a long history in import, transportation and clearance.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it possible to import car parts from Dubai without a commercial card?
No, as with all goods, a commercial card must be registered in the Foreign Trade System (NTSW) for the import of auto parts.

What measures are required to import car spare parts?
Obtaining a business card, referring to the organization of industry, mining and trade and obtaining an order registration permit

What kind of car parts should we import from Dubai?
Original parts for non-Chinese cars are the main area of ‚Äč‚Äčimport from the UAE. Such as Toyota, Mazda, Renault, Citroen .

Exonpad group provides sufficient information and knowledge to customers in all the above steps.