Sandwich panel, as its name suggests, is a light building material that is composite and is limited to two layers on both sides, and there is an insulation layer in between.
This type of building material as a soft and flexible insulation has many uses in the construction industry and its types are:

• Polyurethane sandwich panel,
• Polystyrene sandwich panel
• Wall sandwich panel
• Roof sandwich panel

Sandwich panels are one of the new materials in the construction industry and have the following properties:
• They are very strong insulation against heat, cold, sound
• Compared to other building materials, they are very light
• Compared to other construction materials, sandwich panel has a lower price.
• The sandwich panel is washable.
• Installation and operation of sandwich panel is quick and easy
• It is very resistant to the forces caused by earthquakes.
• It has flexibility for use in special designs.
• It has high resistance against chemical agents.

If you have any questions and would like to know more information about sandwich panels, contact Exonpad’s experienced experts:
It should be said that Exonpad Group has ten years of knowledge and experience in the field of supplying all kinds of prefabricated sandwich panels and supplying products such as steel, fiberglass and polycarbonate decks and fireproof sandwich panels in the construction industry.

To prepare and buy what we want, we must first have information about it in order to save money and time, and most importantly, to get what we need.
To prepare and buy a sandwich panel, it is necessary to read its catalog first, because by using it, you can find the type of panel sheets and the type of insulation foam used in it. Depending on the type of weather conditions and the use of the panel in the catalog, it is possible to determine the type of sheet that is made of aluminum, aluminum, or galvanized, as well as the type of foam that is made of polyurethane, etc.
You can refer to the sandwich panel catalog, choose the size, dimensions and thickness of the panel you want and benefit from the free advice of our experts or read related articles on the Exonpad website.