We help you secure a competitive edge

As products becoming increasingly complex and average product life cycles decrease, logistics offer the competitive edge. Our dedicated logistics services from our strategically located sites all over the Iran are the best option.

Extensive experience

Nowadays we faced with the competitive environment and volatile market, so we are an innovative partner who you can rely on. We help you succeed, and we continuously give solutions to meet your requirements. We offer an effective supply chain that is both flexible and cost-efficient.

Telecommunications equipment

Warehousing solutions are specially designed for components storage

We give the manufacturers of telecommunication and network equipment warehousing solutions which are designed particularly for the handling and storage of components and spare parts. We face industry’s stringent quality criteria and suit with all industry-specific safety standards.

Logistics agility thanks to cross-docking and merge-in-transit solutions

Our comprehensive line-haul network and compliant regional distribution set-up help us to provide a distribution solution and meet your particular needs, even if you need niche services such as in-night delivery or white-glove deliveries.

Our expertise in the industry allows us to tailor our offering to suit the specific supply chain challenges that manufacturers of telecommunication and network equipment will face. Some types of our services includes cross-docking and merge-in-transit solutions and we merge different individual components into the finished product just before delivery to the end customer.

Data processing and storage

The original design manufacturers (ODM) and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) provide the opportunity to control the entire supply chain, which includes the contract manufacturer to on-site installation at the end customer. Data processing and storage solutions give you the necessary visibility and reliability to keep end-to-end control.

Data capture, processing and storage

Exonpad uses the specialized high-tech electronic and remote data capture abilities (EDC and RDC) together with our cross-docking solutions and finely meshed distribution network to offer the flexibility which is important to adapt your customers’ requirements. And our merge-in-transit solution reduces your inventory.


We not only set the standard for high-tech distribution, we also base our distribution solutions on your own requirements and those of your customers. We handle the entire process, from planning right through to execution and management.

 Exonpad Track & Trace enables you to follow shipments from order to delivery at the final destination.

Tailored distribution set-up

 According to the high-tech world’s requirements and demands for flexibility, we have services and systems. Our distribution solutions include:


Repair services

Home deliveries

Our high-tech services are distributed in a secure way and warehousing facilities, and we handle all our solutions to fits your specific needs.