Sandwich panel is considered one of the modern materials in the field of construction; Panels are very popular because of the insulation used in their production.

In the construction of sandwich panels of two types:

  • Sandwich panel wall panel
  • Sandwich panel ceiling panel

It is made up of various insulators. The insulators used in production have different models.

More than half of Iran’s sandwich panel industries (continuous production and discontinuous production) use 141b gas as a hard foam blowing agent. The rest of the people use cyclopentane as a substitute for 141 gas.

Spray insulation industry: we can almost say, this material is used 100% in this industry.

Polyurethane foam sandwich panel insulation:

This insulation is classified into three main models, which are:

  • Soft polyurethane foam
  • Semi-soft polyurethane foam
  • Hard polyurethane foam

Features of soft and semi-soft polyurethane foam

In the soft polyurethane model, due to the presence of holes in the foam and the fact that the foam is not fully compressed, it has a very high stretchability, for this reason, the soft foam can release air from between the grooves inside this foam. easy to pass

Among the main features of soft polyurethane foam, we can mention its sound insulation and heat resistance (it is kind of slow burning); This feature has caused this insulation to be used as sound insulation in industries.

Among the properties of semi-soft polyurethane foam, we can mention its water absorption properties.

Properties of hard polyurethane foam

This type of foam has all the properties of the soft and semi-soft group, but with one difference that hard foam absorbs air moisture with difficulty.

That is why this foam is used in panels that are in areas with high rainfall and humid weather.

Moisture causes rusting of iron and many other problems, the only solution of which is the use of hard polyurethane foam.

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