Import and clearance of oil, gas and petrochemical equipment from customs

One of the main imported goods is oil, gas and petrochemical equipment, because a major part of the production and supply cycle depends on these items. Without the clearance of oil, gas and petrochemical equipment from customs, the production cycle and economy of any country will be harmed, and this is where the performance of these items is very important. Stay with us to learn about the import and clearance of petrochemical equipment.

Clearance process

The process of clearance of goods related to the country’s oil and gas field from customs is very important and should be done according to the basic principles and in accordance with the laws and regulations of the export and import of goods. It is worth noting that if you do not know the rules and how the clearance process is, the desired goods may not be cleared from the executive customs according to the planned schedule, and the owners of the goods may suffer a lot of losses. It is necessary for people who have high experience.


Special attention should be paid to the customs tariff in the process of import and clearance of oil, gas and petrochemical equipment from the customs. In general, when the clearance of these goods is entrusted to unprofessional and inexperienced people, there is a possibility that the cargo owner will incur costs. Additional such as storage etc. For this reason, the special suggestion is that if the bar owner does not have enough experience, it is better to leave this process to the work clearance.

What are the import and clearance of oil, gas and petrochemical equipment from customs?

Ventilation devices
Oil-soluble suspending agent
Devices for extracting salt from crude oil
Aminonaphthol sulfonic acid
Sodium naphthalene sulfate
Pipe import
Telecommunication equipment
Production line machines
Machine parts
Drilling equipment
Oil and gas pipes
Petroleum-based raw materials
Petrochemical furnace
Drilling machines

Import of drilling equipment

One of the most important import and clearance of oil, gas and petrochemical equipment from customs is drilling equipment, which is very important. Without this equipment, exploitation of oil and gas reserves is impossible and it has an important contribution in advancing the economic goals of the country. The import of drilling equipment can be in the form of spare parts or machinery, and even though some of these parts are produced inside the country, they still do not meet the needs of the country.

Seamless pipe for oil and gas transmission line

Another application of imported or similar sealed pipes produced in the country is for oil and gas transmission lines. Today, the availability of sources such as city gas, which has made heat and energy a guest of every house, is done using this product.

Among other imported items, we can mention the import of pipes. In fact, the main oil and gas transmission line is made with seamless pipes and is used to transfer these resources to distant cities. In fact, the standards of the seamless pipe produced in the country are similar to the imported seamless pipe, and this is due to the rules and regulations of the production line.

It is noteworthy that welding is not used in the production process of this category of products, and generally welding is not very efficient in the production process of this product. For production, it uses steel sections, such as ingots, and after heating and stretching and other processes, it turns into a steel pipe.

Importing telecommunications equipment for oil and gas companies

The import of telecommunication equipment is another important factor that has a very high use. Considering the security conditions in refineries today, it is very necessary to increase the security system and especially the installation of hidden surveillance cameras, which is one of the most important things.

This system is one of the items that provide you security to protect the facilities. The hidden closed-circuit camera increases your security level, and this allows the person to confidently control the situation when he is away from the desired environment, and to check and view the situation by the closed-circuit camera on the DVR device. By means of image transmission technology. Also, in addition to all these cases, the visibility of the CCTV camera makes people pay more attention to their actions and this also prevents the occurrence of crimes.

The importance of importing telecommunication equipment for oil and gas refineries

Oil and gas refineries are usually located in different places, and these places may be far from the urban network, and this is where the connection between these parts becomes important.

Usually, to improve the communication between the departments of the refineries, different telecommunications devices such as wireless cameras, switchboards, etc. are used, and without these telecommunications devices, the operation of many departments may be interrupted. Although the samples of telecommunications devices are produced inside the country but still a major part of it is imported due to qualitative and quantitative issues.

Import of chemicals

The import of refinery equipment is not only for industrial parts and a major part of it is the import of chemicals. In fact, the oil and gas extracted in the first place is raw and cannot be used, and these resources are ready to be used after many tests and adding chemicals. In terms of chemical imports, it consists of:

Chemical fertilizers
Diammonium phosphate
Ammonium nitrate mixed fertilizers
sulfuric acid
Hydrochloric acid

Import clearance and clearance of oil and gas equipment

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