Due to the needs of the electronics industry in Iran and the lack of a number of rare and special electronic components, to compensate for this shortage should be through the import of electronic components from other countries such as China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Dubai or European countries, this problem. Removed. But on the other hand, due to the emergence of brokers and profiteers, has caused problems such as rising costs, delays in delivery of orders to the customer, sometimes technical problems in parts and also difficult to follow from the time of order registration to receipt of the product. Is.

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In the following, we will review the important points regarding how to choose an importer of electronic components and the challenges and conflicts that may occur to you before, after or when registering an order for importing electronic components.

Important points before registering the order for importing electronic components

Importers of electronic components

Before placing an order to supply the electronic components you need in a company or site, you must be careful in your choice. Because you may encounter a broker who works with another company. In this case, you will enter a chain of people who actually pass the registration of your order to each other. This also causes the cost of the products to rise (due to intermediaries) and the parts to arrive to you later.

So be sure to pay attention to the history of the company, the import price of parts and the delivery time of the importer of electronic parts before placing an order and try to compare these items with several companies so that you can have the best choice.

How to carry electronic components

Depending on when you need these electronic components, the shipping method will be different for you. You can import your parts from other countries by ship or plane. The estimated time for importing electronic components by ship is about 4 months and by plane is about 2 weeks. Of course, these numbers are approximate and may be more or less depending on the circumstances.

Manufacturers of electronic components

Be sure to ask your electronics supplier to buy the parts you need from reputable electronics companies in the world. This way you will be sure that your parts are healthy and you will not face any problems in the future. Also look for a supplier who will guarantee the parts at least a few days after delivery so you can test them to make sure the electronic components are safe.

Important points when registering an order for importing electronic components

When registering your foreign order for electronic components, you must send the technical number, datasheet link, manufacturer and required number of each electronic component to your supplier so that there is no mistake in supplying electronic components and receive the product you are looking for. .

Also, specify when you need parts for the importer of your electronic components so that he knows that he has to import by plane or ship.

Important points after registering the order for importing electronic components

After ordering your electronic components, you should contact your supplier to notify you at any stage of the import of parts. We will report all the steps for you through the tracking code that we order when registering the order. You can find out the status of the order by visiting our site and entering your code