Exonpad is working with you to become the bridge of supplying  products and imports to the world and through its knowledge of companies and factories and providing shipping services.


Our company, With extensive focus and investment in the commercial field of business services, has history in the following cases:

Clarifying the tasks of Exonpad company as a commercial broker in Iran that provides all of the services mentioned below :

Providing price offers for the different products and industries with sufficient information about each product.

Escorting the client and translate to him from  while the trade rounds to companies and factories.

Providing transportations while trade rounds to the companies and factories.

Tracking purchase and orders from the supplier or the manufacturer.

Inspect and receive the orders from the supplying or manufacturing company  and check the adequacy of packaging.

Prepare the required documents to export from  send it to the importer.

Provide the appropriate shipping service options in price and time through our company Exonpad.


International marketing services and product development engineering

The sale and export of goods in global markets has special sensitivities, and if the basic points are not followed, it will cause a loss of financial and human investment.

Our export department considers all aspects of the export process of goods and services as important.

Paying attention to market knowledge tools and identifying target markets based on market research, pricing strategy and method, determining the market share of competitors, methods of accessing the main distribution networks and examining the major obstacles to market development can be the way forward for a successful and sustainable export sale.

The export market research department of Exonpod Company, by checking the conditions of customs tariff, the growth curve of the product market, checking the volume of commercial exchanges of the desired product, standards and rules of origin and destination, the conditions of transporting the goods subject to export, packaging the goods according to the needs of the target market and checking The product technology level can have an effective contribution in the sales development plan of export goods.


Exonpad international marketing services:

Providing services to facilitate exports and discover export markets for suppliers
Product engineering of manufacturers and suppliers to better suit high value export markets
Helping export companies to increase the performance of their export activities
Collecting export information and using it effectively
Preparation of effective export information sources
Providing online and up-to-date information
Benefiting from export market research that is used in measuring the export performance of companies
Export sales
Export growth
Export profitability



International and domestic shipping services

Exonpad company offers the most appropriate and best prices and services in the transportation and sending of goods in various ways in the field of import and export, with representation in Asian, European, Middle Eastern countries and with the help of foreign representatives.

Providing the services of Exonpad company in the domestic and foreign transportation sector:

Carrying out international sea, land and air transportation in the field of export and import
Container reservation
Doing domestic transportation
Follow up and monitor the cargo of customers
Cross staffing
High free time
Transportation of refrigerated goods and dangerous goods
Appropriate tariff for demurrage
Carrying brand and embargoed goods
Bill of lading switch
Carrying out express goods
Despite the current embargo, Exonpad has the ability to cooperate with all foreign lines directly and indirectly.

Exonpad company is distinguished from other similar companies in the field of foreign and domestic transportation by having a direct representative in the Iranian line (IRISEL), foreign lines and the relevant specialist expert based in the company, in order to answer, advise and follow up from moment to moment.

Exonpad company provides transportation services at a reasonable price, high quality and acceptable time.