These days the market of online stores is hotter than any other market. Most people leave the streets and shops and enjoy the convenience of online shopping because they no longer have to leave their homes in hot weather or boring traffic and waste their time going from one shop to another. whenever you want; You can visit your favorite online store or buy from reputable global online stores such as Amazon, (ebay), Ali Express, Souq, etc. In addition to these sites, you will also have the possibility to buy from Turkey because many Turkish online sales sites are currently working.

Why is online shopping the right option?
Imagine having a list of all the goods in the world in front of you and being able to buy with just a few clicks or be aware of good discounts on some goods and seasonal auctions! You might say that identifying and choosing all these online stores is more stressful than shopping in the streets of the city. But wait! In this article, we intend to guide you in identifying famous and reliable online shopping stores so that you can make an easy, cheap and safe purchase.

  1. Amazon online store
    Undoubtedly, you have already heard that Amazon is the largest and most reliable online shopping website in the world, and about a third of American people’s purchases are made from this site. Amazon has grown from a small online bookstore to the world’s largest retail website.

This company not only allows you to buy millions of products, but also allows sellers to put their products for sale on this site.
One of the other advantages of Amazon is that the ordering process is very quick and easy, and you can usually make subsequent purchases with just a few clicks after your first purchase.
This site has thought out special solutions to keep your personal information safe, and you will be sure that you will receive exactly the product you ordered.
The prices on Amazon are very competitive, so you can find the product you want at a reasonable price.
Also, know that if your order is over 25 dollars, Amazon does not charge for the shipping of your product and it is free.
Amazon has a rating system from the user’s point of view, and you can find out how satisfied the customers who bought your product were with their online purchase.
The Amazon site has the most complete and accurate product descriptions for you so that you can evaluate the product correctly before purchasing.

  1. eBay online store
    The ebay online store, which is mostly an online auction site, ranks second. eBay, which started with the auction of a photocopier, has become the largest auction site in the world today. You can find almost anything on eBay that you can’t find anywhere else! In addition, you can become a seller on this site and have a source of income for yourself. eBay’s reputation is mostly due to the wide range of products that it provides to customers, and you can use filters of brand, size, price and other product characteristics to make a more convenient choice.

Walmart online shopping store (Walmart)
Walmart is a very large online store that has placed a large number of products on its website for customers to buy online. You can enjoy online shopping on its website instead of enduring long lines at Walmart’s physical stores. variety of products; Especially in the grocery category, it has made it one of the most famous online shopping sites that has consumers of all ages.


Alibaba China website is one of the largest online stores in the world with more than 800 million users, making shopping from Alibaba affordable and great.

Alibaba’s revenue in 2020 was 509 billion dollars, equivalent to 15.270 thousand billion tomans.

This site has brought many small businesses to the heights of success through its trusted suppliers.

Since China is one of the largest producers and exporters of all kinds of goods in the world, most of the sellers on the Alibaba website are Chinese, and due to the affordable price and high quality of Chinese goods, many traders and merchants buy from the site today. Alibaba does.

One of the distinctive features of shopping on Alibaba website is that after the goods are delivered to you and you are satisfied with receiving them, the cost of the goods will be released to the seller.

Alibaba is actually designed for buying and selling in bulk, and some sellers refuse to sell individually for that reason, but if you’re looking to buy individually from Chinese sellers,

There are other sellers who sell their goods individually, with the help of Jambojet you can find these suppliers in the shortest time and order your goods.

Because buying from China’s Alibaba site requires a lot of knowledge and experience, it will be a bit difficult for Iranian users to buy goods, but with Jambojet’s commercial team serving importers, business dealings between Iran and China will be very easy and convenient. .

Exonpad, with its extensive knowledge and experience in the field of buying goods from Alibaba China, can introduce reliable sellers to importers and be with the buyer from the moment of purchase to the time of delivery of the goods, in order to prevent any fraud and losses. slow

5.What is Noon Emirates website?
Noon Emirates site is based on a 1 billion dollar e-commerce platform and its founder is Mr. Mohammad Al-Abar, the head of the famous Emaar Properties company. Not much time has passed since the activity of this site, a site that provides millions of different types of goods and products in various classifications to visitors. has started its activity with more than 20 million products including clothes, cosmetics, gadgets and electronics, household items, baby and baby products, jewelry, books and food.

One of the attractive points of this online store is probably the more reasonable price of its products, which aims to attract customers due to its newness. So maybe now is the right time to buy from this store.

6.Purchasing from IKEA

Shopping from IKEA website is very attractive for those who are interested in modern and different decoration. Ikea is a Swedish company, this huge company has branches in 37 countries of the world, and its nearest branch is Iran, Turkey and Dubai. IKEA (Swedish: IKEA) is a Swedish and multinational home appliance company that designs, manufactures and sells ready-made furniture, beds, tables and other main and secondary home accessories. This company is the largest online furniture buying and selling center in It is the world level.

Regarding its history, we should say that IKEA was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kampard when he was a 17-year-old teenager in Sweden, and the headquarters of IKEA is located in Delft, the Netherlands. The first IKEA store opened in Sweden in 1958, and the first IKEA stores outside of Sweden opened in Norway in 1963 and in Denmark in 1969, respectively.

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